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Sabelija, CJSC is the initiator of consulting companies in Lithuania founded in 1994. We carry out our activities in the fields of operational safety and health, fire safety, electrical safety, civil safety, professional risk evaluation, occupational safety organization, health check, occupational safety documentation and organize occupational safety training courses, and etc.
Sabelija, CJSC bears corporate social responsibility in the field of occupational safety. By developing various projects we try to draw public attention to human safety at work, to provide information on how occupational safety is to be organized clearly, quickly and efficiently in order to save people’s lives. Company customers are serviced by more than 75 employees, having up to 18 years of experience in the field of occupational safety, who constantly improve their skills. Sabelija, CJSC is proud of its long-term occupational safety specialists and experts working in a special field of occupational safety. We may easily state that this distribution of occupational safety fields helps to understand specific features of work better and provide necessary information to a customer in a more expedient and quick way. Perhaps that is why companies engaged in different areas of production, trade and services, well-known at the Lithuanian market, can be found in the list of our company’s customers.
Since we had established our company, more than 30 thousand companies have entrusted their issues to us. Within 20 years of our existence we have trained more than 69 thousand trainees, and specialists from the professional risk centre have performed more than 10 thousand professional risk evaluations. Within our long-term activities we have drawn up more than 182 thousand different instructions. In 2014 more than 2900 people applied to us, Sabelija, CJSC for various services. Number of companies we continually support has grown by 15%. It can be noticed that number of minor industrial accidents decreased from 19 to 14 as compared to 2013. According to figures of the State Tax Inspectorate, e.g. in 2013 there were 57 fatal and 139 serious industrial accidents in Lithuania, but NO ACCIDENTS were recorded at 163 companies serviced by us with 8988 employees within that period. So, we may easily state that WE WORK TO MAKE BUSINESS OF OUR CLIENTS SAFE!

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